Interior Design

We are based in Verona. Our Architecture and Design Studio is located in the Giusti del Giardino historical building. Built during the sixteenth century, used to be called Albertini Palace and it is a few steps away from the Arena and the Church of Saint Fermo. This place witnesses the historical origins of the city. It was built on the Roman walls realized for the Emperor Gallieno in the third century A.D. A piece of the wall is still visible in our Studio.

Immerged in the history and heart of the city, we look at the origins for inspiration of new and unique design with an essential, minimalistic and modern style.

The value of the peculiar

We like to study and propose innovative functional projects, using high tech materials paying attention to sustainability and earthquake proofing. Our main concern is to design spaces that will become livable homes, keeping in mind the well-being of who will live in it. We do this by studying the orientation of the natural light and selecting high quality materials. Our design

likes to highlight and select materials coming from the artisanal art of Italian tradition like stones, wood, glass and metal combined with new and innovative materials like corian, stainless steel and resins. We pride ourselves to pay a lot of attentions to details with unique and custom made solutions, where our involvement starts from the realization of the materials to their application.

  • «..A chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost easier. That is why Chippendale is famous. » Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe